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Re #ServiceInfo, latest updates in the #Feneas forum:

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There is a PR with a lot of modifications, including name change to ServiceInfo.

I will be additionally doing the discovery changes discussed above tomorrow. Then I hope to produce a single HTML document for the spec instead of two separate markdown docs. After that, will be pushing for discussion to various places like project issue trackers and the W3C SocialCG group.

Feedback welcome.

The Fediverse - A decision-making aid

There are four different protocols the #ActivitiPub, #Diaspora and #OStatus and there is also the #DFRN protocol which is as good as dead.

Mastodon is the number 1 network with over 4.000.000 users followed by Diaspora with over 600.000 members. On place 3 comes #Pleroma with over 30.000 members followed by #Hubzilla on place 4 with over 10.000 members and on place 5 comes #Friendica with almost 4.000 members.

According to this calculation it would be clear that #Mastodon is the clear winner but here the idea of the #Federation (Association) takes hold. Let's see who can communicate with whom and what the result is, start with the winner.

Mastodon can communicate with Pleroma, Hubzilla and Friendica so that results in 4.044.00 users.

Diaspora can communicate with Hubzilla and Friendica, resulting in a total of 614,000 users.

Pleroma can communicate with Mastodon, Hubzilla and Friendica and has a comparable reach to Mastodon of 4,044,000 members.

Hubzilla can communicate with Friendica and Pleroma, resulting in a reach of 44,000 members.

Friendica can communicate with Mastodon, Diaspora, Pleroma, and Hubzilla, resulting in a reach of 4,644,000 people.

Friendica is the clear winner in terms of reach. Now everyone just has to find out for themselves which platform suits them best.
ServerInfo / ServiceInfo?

Some follow-up thoughts about `ServerInfo` (or maybe `ServiceInfo`? 🤔) in the #Feneas forum: https://talk.feneas.org/t/serverinfo-specification-for-server-metadata/99/7

Comments, ideas, critique, improvements and general participation welcome!

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I'm proposing a new version of a metadata document specification for servers in the #federated #web. This aims to collect the good and avoid the bad of the previous iterations, and to be flexible enough for a large part of the federated web to implement it.

Comments very much welcome, especially from #developers working on the federated web. Without getting enough people onboard there is no point in a new specification.


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@Federated Networks Association now has a Patreon site, and so do we. For non-profits like ours, small reliable monthly gifts are a much better way to remain sustainable than random larger donations. If you're already a Patreon user, it will only take a few seconds to send us each a buck or two and help support federated networks. Thanks in advance!


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Yay! Embarrasing for an association that promotes #federation, our main #social platform #Friendica had a break down in federation that was not realized for some time.

The issue was something related to #MySQL configuration which for some unknown reason became incompatible a few weeks ago. Furious hours long debug sessions finally made things work better and we're federating again ✌

Extremely sorry about that for any users of this server.
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